Le troubadour wallon « The Walloon Troubadour »

Welcome to this website dedicated to the manuscripts of old popular music of Wallonia (Belgium).

Spread, adapt, play, dance and make this heritage of old melodies live.



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This website shows the results of a research and encoding project and of manuscripts of old dance music from Wallonia (Belgium).

Our objectives are

- to retrieve and translate these old music scores and encode them into a digital format ;

- generate and spread clean, modern music scores that allow musicians to exploit and valorise this heritage.

Next objectives

December 2016 – January 2017

Publication, after check and correction, of the manuscritps (PDF) of Delhaise, Jamin, Bierlaire

Maybe a provisional version of the fac simile of the Houssa (PDF)

1st Quarter 2017

A reliable version of the fac simile of the Houssa


About 10 documents within the next ones : list

Gembloux, 22/12/2016

Olivier Vienne